In this personal blog,I share my individual path and unique heart-centered journey to living a life empowered by joy,purpose, and fulfillment.

Recently, I heard from a dear colleague, a sister soulpreneur, who is doing her best to uplevel her coaching practice. She needs to kick over the elusive energetic engine that generates what money is.

She's facing having to take on a job to make ends meet, but this doesn't feel joyful, on purpose, or fulfilling to her,  She is struggling with her ‘fealings' (fearful-reality-emotions). At the time she communicated with me, finding a job seemed more like a reflection of failure than a reflection of self-love.

Here's my response to her fealings:

Fear, or some form of terror, is a clue that we're struggling with receiving as a spiritual challenge. We all have our practical challenges to manage. We are all being invited to face our deepest beliefs about MONEY. Hint: these fears are also coupled with our beliefs about love.

How could we not when we're incubating a new paradigm that's intended to root out our deepest fears/beliefs about money! This is intentional, and we're in it to grow beyond it.

I've been through this purifying fire…and can attest to how much you feel the burn.




In meditation, align your energies with RECEIVING. This will require facing any places where we're not in self-love. Remember a pleasurable experience in which you received, whole-heartedly, with no sense of being undeserving or greedy.

Perhaps you're experiencing a sense of shame with regard to the deep financial hole you're in. Given that sense of shame, how could you possibly stop BEING to shift into what the mind believes its best to do? More DOING, or doing…whatever… we think will ‘make money'  faster or harder, doesn't shift into RECEIVING.

Receiving is a state of being; it's a chosen state of consciousness. When our doing is inspired from chosen conscious, we DO what is in alignment with co-creative receiving and, most of all, with our best and highest good. So, as you job-hunt, be really present to emotional states that shift you out of self-love.


After a sudden and unexpected enlightenment experience in 1989, my husband and I separated. I could no longer “function” as a court reporter — my MULTIDIMENISONAL self was over that experience/agreement, and it didn't care about the great money I made DOING that work.

Marital  “separation” was for my highest good — at the time I had no inkling what might lie ahead — Iso  got a job in a bagel shop to make ends meet as life as I knew it crumbled, and I wobbled. I took the job and positioned myself at the beginning of bagel/sandwiches production line back of the counter. With my psychic skills, knowing what a customer was going to order, in DOING mode that aligned with their intent, the resulting casual relationships were nurturing during a tough time.


As everything around us seems to hammers home that essential needs are not met by BEING, trust isn't possible. Trust is first about being, then trust leads us into to being-inspired doing. Our needs are met, not by our personal will or plans, but by recognizing co-creation is meant to meet our needs.

Program participants freely donate old thought and emotional paradigms so that we clear our collective fear and move on to our aligned, desired, deserved result: giving, sharing, and receiving with LOTS of people who also need to be free from the energies you are now being pressured by — to the point of breaking your ailgned intention with your heart's desire.

We are transforming a POWERFUL false truth duality.

Find the energy within you to open up to Third Way energy — a being/doing/knowing/trusting state.  Also be aware that the time/money paradigm is being broken up by those of us in the forward flank of this Earth 2.0  transition.  Time, and money, are being “de-coupled”  so that the truth about time can be experienced.  The old money paradigm of money being a major element of how we habitually define who we ARE by what we DO — this is being dismantled, too.

The other issue we deal with in our groups  —- let's talk about the elephant in the room — is that angonizing limbo we find ourselves before we receive by “making sales.”  In this emotional space, doubt about a result we ‘seek' contaminates our clarity and intention, creating a wobble, or a distortion, in our energy field.

This brings up the fear of “no pay off” — which cycles right back to our beliefs/fears about money (getting some, and having enough). How tempting it is to be seduced into a mindset that pushes us into defining ourselves based on the paradigm —- “you only have value if you have money, or are somehow DOING something to generate some”  — our mind then intrudes its way into our heart-aligned process, literally breaks the frequency of receiving

We can only receive when we are in a complete state of trust.

So, dear sister soulpreneur,  thanks for sharing exactly where you are in your journey. You're not alone. Transparency on this journey, as long as we're on it together — reflects the power of co-creating in love. Being a caring parent and a loving partner, many times, is in alignment with being our best versions of ourselves in which we serve our local tribe, and the human collective with love, not through self-sacrifice but by humbly living in an attitude of gratitude that we are…able.

There's no shame in taking a job AND pursuing what matters most to you. Rather, being both sovereign and a financially responsible adult is not only possible, it's optimal, because in this way of BEING, you are emp AMPLIFYING co-creation. Making the choice to keep, or ge,t a job while you open powerfully but gently into living your life purpose is not a failure — unless your ego choices to make it one — you are complicit whenever you don't voluntarily step off the path of suffering


What is the difference between ‘seeing' a desired co-creative outcome and ‘seeking' that outcome?

‘Seeing' is a reflection of integration, trust, and wholeness. ‘Seeking” is a also a beautiful reflection, but it's a reflection of where, how, and why we are still in separation with parts of ourselves. When we seek, we are always, and can only be, in separation from that which we are seeking.

My choice is to be real, authentic and transparent in our group relationship, sharing experience as embodied truth. Knowing this, trusting this? This is my soulpreneur breakthrough: receiving all the energy that wants to meet me, meet all us, as the co-creation of the desired outcomes we see/seek waits in a space of love and infinite power to create.


Oh, I have so many stories to share. Challenges I've been through.
But we each have our own living lessons.

Yes, please. Thank you. More.

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