If you’re soul-inspired and looking to discover your path
to purpose and right livelihood, join our nine-month-long business mastermind. Create and nurture a heart-centered business
and an empowered fulfilling life.
Your training begins the first week of August, 2017



Is your heart and soul immobilized in an energetic straight jacket while you

…Imagine a life outside the box of limiting beliefs about who you are and why you're here…

…Yearn to be debt-free, unbound from forces you can't see..

Maybe you're a Soulpreneur.


…Leave an office cubicle at the end of the day only to fall sleep inside the cubicle between your two ears

…Have a powerful curiosity about how you would feel without the stress of ‘cubicle crunch'…

Getting free of cubicle crunch requires MASSIVE energy, big personal charge and change, second only to the energy we use being born. Get hold of this massive energy by realizing that ‘cubicle crunch’ starts in the cubicle between your two ears.


Long to be authentic, free, and happy in the great, wild world being your best self?

Learn what not to do, what to do, and when to do it.

Get your heart-based soul or service based business out there as a conscious, intentional and soul-inspired journey.

Nine full months of a weekly group coaching with a schedule that connects you with each of our mentors.

Wrap your arms around your life purpose starting this summer. We've done it. You can, too.


Catapult yourself onto an energy wave of financial empowerment. Attract heart-centered business relationships based on integrity. Achieve Dynamic Results: Make Commitments, Trust Imperfect Action, Follow Through

This 3 Day live event is the launch of our nine-month-long mastermind program. Our jump-start process combines personal development, mindset coaching, and business fundamentals to put you on track for starting a new business or leveling-up your current heart-centered service or visionary global movement.

Traditional MBA programs often aren't a good fit for empathic, emotionally intelligent, creatives for whom balance between being and doing isn't negotiable. Your take-aways? Solid business fundamentals and discovering if your purpose is to start, run, own, or be a partner in a successful, profitable small business.

Reclaim your creative intention, restart your passionate heart and rejoice in discovering your unique and purpose-driven livelihood at our Soulpreneur gathering in Scotland.

Feel what it's like to love your life again!

Creative play, work, and service to others become interchangeable once you decide that you're done with ‘cubicle crunch‘.

Receive the benefits of working with four experienced international Mentors in personal development, life coaching, self-empowerment, stellar communication skills (in person, on the phone, online and in emails and texts), business coaching, strategic planning, setting priorities and realistic goals, and marketing.


Why learn with Anaiis, Efe, Greg, and Sienna?

You will absolutely THRIVE in a learning environment with four Mentors who share a combined 75 years of practical business experience, personal development, cultural transformation, and delivering heart-centered service to our world. Hive mind isn't about drone-like consciousness — it's about diversity in unity! 

What if it isn't selling that puts you off from starting a coaching practice? What if asking people for money is really about fear of rejection and being so hungry for approval that you can't possibly get your needs met as a professional service provider no matter what your field you heart calls you to?

Listen to Efe's story…

Your Mentors in this business mastermind progam are heeding the call to transform poverty mindset, fear of making money, and the belief that being in business is all struggle and stress.


Yes, Please, Thank You, More…for Everybody!

9 months of personal development and business coaching

Your keys to success:

  • Weekly group coaching calls — rotating schedule of mentors

  • Private Facebook Group support with mentors and coaches

  • Monthly Q & A breakthrough sessions 

  • Accountability partners

  • Develop a business plan, set up structures, financials, and acquire essential resources

  • Build a portfolio of strategic tools

  • Experience realistic, planned growth

  • License your content or product

  • Engage a powerful, heart-centered Joint Venture Community 

  • Discover a sharing economy of financial well-being

  • Reframe your unconscious, internal conversation about money

TURN a passion or hobby and into a PRACTICE, SERVICE, OR PRODUCT
INCORPORATE a heart-centered business with HOLISTIC, SOUL-EMBODIED energy
CONFIDENTLY COMMUNICATE to everyone about YOUR new practice/business
TRUST being in GOOD HANDS after investing money, time, and energy into this nine-month training


Are you deeply inspired by coaches Brene Brown, Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, and Tony Robbins?

Or philanthropists like Jason Flom?

Heart of gold millionaires who share their wisdom and their wealth.

Ever wonder how these role models unify soulful authenticity
and financial well-being without selling out to the dark side of financial power?

Visionary entrepreneurs defy convention and turn their dreams in reality.

What's the secret?

Take that first “change-or-die” step that holds you accountable for being your best you. Co-create a purpose-driven business and enjoy a tribe of trustworthy co-creators who “get you.”

Honor the sacrifices of those who have come before, preparing the way for you to become who you are meant to be.

It's your time. You're ready to create a sustainable business in alignment with the planet and your path to purpose.

I'm ready for a purpose-driven business.

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“For so long, I’ve had this feeling that life is much different than what I experience as ‘life.’ This deep passion for questioning how/why things are and where could they go has led me to feel isolated and ostracized, while still being part of this societal community. With enough physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, I’ve heard the incessant call for my unique ability/gift to be of service to others. It’s about time I felt that responsibility and decided to make that into a practical reality.”

Jack Coleman

Life Hacker & Coach, Our Heart Exercise; The Art of Life Hacking

I know what it feels like to feel alone: misunderstood, unwanted, not worthy of respect, and frustrated. To know there is so much more to me than I show and yet to be terrified and lost as to how to effectively show it. I’ve learned how to break free from the shackles of societal/social/cultural expectations to embody more of me each day. The process is ongoing; I will always be doing it. Yet, I’ve filtered through much information to distill simple, practical and easy to use tools to be able to consistently get to whatever place I need to get to. I have received so much help from others, both through their published teachings and their personal attention and guidance, and I would love to offer you the same high quality of assistance that I have received.

DeborahA. Watts

Life Coach, Transitionary Girl

One of my joys is assisting people in their seeking to enrich and enhance their experience of life. Guiding them to consciously connect with their Inner-self to ignite their expression of personal power is a process of Soul-empowerment. My biggest challenge to date has been choosing a specific target audience to focus upon, being of service to them, and generating greater public awareness of the services I provide.”

Joseph Aduwa

Soul-Empowerment Facilitator, Benevolent Co-Creations Coach

The path of awakening and transformation is divine. The key is having the support you need so that you can allow the miraculous experience of birthing your true-self. The support system that you choose must be similar to that of a laboring mother. Do you feel safe and warm? Do you feel private and free from confinement? Being supported in a loving and encouraging way – however long it takes – greatly assists this process. A loving guide can help you find the stamina, courage, and internal power to shift challenging states of growth. In this best of both worlds program, you've got four loving guides to awaken your path to purpose as right livelihood in abundance.

Anastacia Townsend

Aqua-cranial Therapist

Yes! This is the jumpstart I need.

Sign me up for this program now! I'm in.

Anaiis Salles, The Heartful Art of Conscious Living

“I love sharing a repeatable process of conscious co-creation that heals ‘poverty mindset.’ As well as imparting the practical know-how of a building a ‘visionary’ business, I am passionate about teaching priority setting, healthy boundaries, and effective business strategies, inspiring new communication styles free of gender entitlement assumptions, unacknowledged competitiveness,and domineering culttural dynamics.

I am thrilled to host this gathering. Soul-preneurs, It’s time for you to experience abundant well-being and financial sustainability. My mantra and tag line is: Yes, Please, Thank You, More…for Everybody!”

Greg Paul, The Sovereign Way

“Mastering the art of sovereign relationships IS liberation in every area of life, from business to marriage, and beyond. Overcome fear, align your life with Truth, transcend emotional wounds, master energetics, discover your loving self within the art of relationship. That’s the sovereign way!”

Efe Ohwofasa, Focus Guru

“I’m the creator of the Focus Guru personal development and wealth creation coaching system. I use business coaching and leadership development to help professionals, entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses enhance their leadership performance, increase their profits, and improve their productivity.”

I am passionate about making a difference in the world. I especially love speaking at conferences on effective leadership, personal development, high performance team building, customer services, sales, and small business marketing strategies.”

Sienna Lea, Shadow Synthesis

“Bringing my process, Shadow Synthesis, to our journey empowers us as we build and synchronize our outer creations with inner, transformational dynamics. Together we create a container for new creators to remake our world. Re-write your history and free your soul’s path to purpose template.”

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What’s Included:

  • 9 full months of weekly group personal development coaching and business training: video, audio, text materials
  • All aspects of getting from product creation to basic technology and communicaitons solutions without being overwhelmed
  • Accountability Partners
  • Support Coaching Team
  • ‘Coming Home to Your Life Purpose’ — a powerful crucible of creative intention in community
  • Live launch event package accommodation, single or double occupancy June 21-24  (limited availablity, first come, first served)
  • Annual Findhorn Foundation Experience: A guided tour of the Findhorn Foundation and an opportunity to explore the community.