We had a blast in Scotland! June of 2017!
In our soulpreneurs blog, we share how we found our individual path and heart-centered heroes journeys to empowered lives of purpose and fulfillment.


Anaiis Salles ~

The day I cut through my cubicle walls
with the energy of “I can and I will,” the shrinking cubicle
in which my body, mind, heart and soul were stuck?

When I was ready to be the best self I was born to be…
one human determined o serve others as well as myself?
Cubicle crunch gradually disappeared from my reality!

And I found the great, wild world waiting for me.

This is what the great, wild and beautiful world whispered
deep inside me heart, its message coursing through the blood in my veins…

“Welcome home! Thanks for showing up. I've been waiting for you.”

Through many dark hours, alone, unsupported emotionally
— or financially  — I discovered that getting free of the cubicle crunch
requires MASSIVE energy, a big personal charge, second only
to the energy we expend being born.

The massive energy I needed to become a soul-preneur?
I transformed the energy of fear after being laid off
from a literary glam job ‘a million girls would kill for…'
and then first having no way out, then secondly no visible means of support

Over time by using specific skills (more about these later)
I gathered enough personal energy
to literally become the “CAN” opener of my own life.

My life is completely transformed!

It's been a quantum leap into an open, free space

where giving my unique gifts to this world,
where listening to and asking from my heart, where receiving,
sharing, and overflowing with gratitude all became not only possible,
but a natural, organic body-based reality 
one that I'm grateful for every day.

This wide open space also led to abundance, a community that gets me,
more love, more inspiration, more creativity,
more practical connectivity, and more solid ground under my feet.

The Heartfull Art of Conscious Living leads clients and students
through the fundamental principles of conciously co-creating what we need and want. Creating Soulpreneurs Mastermind is a deeply meaningful legacy for me personally.

I'm part of a global community of way-showers,
heart-centered misfits who are a lot like me, those of us who can't do anything else but be our authentic selves, being, doing, and giving our best back to life.

Know what I shouted back to the great, wild world?
“Yes, Please. Thank you. More…for everybody.”

Maybe you're a Soulpreneur.
Wrap your arms around your life purpose starting this summer.
We're DOING it together. You can come, too.


You'd be shocked just how much energy fear of rejection
and the need for approval can consume!

Your Mentors in this business mastermind progam are heeding the call to
transform scarcity mindset, fear of making money,
and the belief that being in business is all struggle and stress.

Ride the wave of new possibilities!
During our nine-month-long adventure, our four Master Co-Creators
guide you through heart-centered personal development, spiritual transformation, and solid business training. Weave your natural gifts into a creative model that meets market needs
as well your desire to be prosperous

Tap into Your Passion, Your Purpose, and Your Unique Prosperity!

Jack Coleman, Life Coach

Life is interesting. So many feelings, so many directions.

How do I know what to choose?

It’s been a battle of trying to do what’s right with my social network (friends and family), while also trying to do what’s right with me (my passion). Balancing them is extremely difficult for me, since my passion isn’t so commonly mainstream.

I like all the weird stuff you can imagine. All of these different aspects of life I can grab ahold of and learn the most extreme of the extreme is so freaking cool. A wonderful thing to experience is the least I can say about the feeling it provides.

The internet allows for such extreme banks of knowledge that stretches across the globe. People all over the world get to share their vastly unique differences in life, and so many others get to learn about it. I LOVE this. I got more extreme in my passion and understanding of life, it was harder to feel like a “real job” was an option.

But, in that passion of learning whatever I can get my hands on and piecing it together to make a coherent understanding of it all, it can be difficult trying to express and explain it to others; thus, leading to my sadness. Not everyone cares about doing this. Not everyone I know wants to pursue this as I have. Being with my friends and family isn’t quite the same, which makes it hard to feel like I’m “being me.”

[read more >>>]

After aligning myself with this goal, I met more and more people also aligned this way. And then I met the creators of Soulpreneurs Mastermind.

The opportunity to be a part of this program team opened doorways and understanding of the world I live in.  This has exponentially accelerated my development (in what I believe can be a tightly niched market). However, I’m realizing it’s not necessarily a “tightly niched market,” but more of a misunderstood market, and especially more of a poorly designed business plan. I didn’t know what I was doing!

This new journey has helped me in so many ways, and I want  to share my personal experience with it all. Can’t say I’m exactly where I see myself, but that’s life. I am taking getting there day-by-day. Realizing it's possible to life my life purpose, I willingly move through the obstacles that make it hard. Today, I feel that much closer to what I personally believe is a successful and fulfilling life.

Truly blessed in this Co-Created life!


Then, I feel such pressure to conform: -Get a “real job” – Find a partner – Buy a house  -Save up for retirement

I’m not the kind of person that gives into these things if I can’t feel into them.  How could I openly express myself and my personal interests aside from what my social network expects of me? The rift was becoming more apparent and the pressure was on.

Don’t sell out and follow my dream.

But be responsible! Pay my expenses and stay grounded. Develop a secure plan while still creatively exploring my passion to lifcoach, speak, and spread an awareness to explore life. It is possible. People do it, and I can do it.

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From experience, the heart and our core essence is the place that can handle such vast intensities of spiritual energy. Sinking into the heart allows us to embody these energies as we live them in our relationships. in this book, I share an approach to experiencing individuality and difference being in harmony.

Synopsis: If you don't have a mentor on your journey, GET ONE. If you are not part of a community that supports you without judgment and has systems to remind you of your TRUE potential, JOIN ONE. This community is one. It's AWESOME. I don't know that I can say that of anywhere else I have been.

As of today, I am determined to let nothing hold me back from living on purpose. EVER. Been there, done that. NO. Today and every day moving forward, I bring my TRUTH, and I invite you to bring yours.

♥ Much Love ♥


Deborah A. Watts, Authenticity Coach


I am so grateful for the honor to be here, writing honest love notes to myself and to you, my fellow creative on the path.

SO — I thought I had this all aligned. I thought I was over my limiting beliefs about my character, time, money and my value.

However, in the past month, they've all been stirred up.

I've revisited the I'm not enough hotel several times:

  • I'm too intense for people – I shouldn't do one-on-one coaching sessions
  • I'm not perfect in all of my relationships – who am I to coach others?
  • I'm not learning the lesson – I should be in financial abundance by now! (This one by far is the worst!)

I've also spent way too much time in the I'm not loved BNB (meaning a week!) which I vowed not to visit anymore after the atrocious customer service and the energy it consumes.[read more >>>]

I've learned TWO important lessons today:

  1. Identify and reduce exposure to unwanted triggers – this is an ongoing process – I'm seeing its importance now
  2. Connect to desired triggers – I have seen every time how having an awesome mentor has been just what was needed to turn things around. And since I know that I give far more than I take ALWAYS, I'm re-inspired to give back to my community and others.

My imprint is telling me:  I'm not good enough  because I can't be like all the others, I am not smart enough, I am not (fill in the blank).  It tells me:  get your act together, be an adult! It's scary out there in the real world.  You don't get to do what your heart longs to do because other people need you to hide your insecurities behind a world false pretenses, self denial, and avoidance of the sincere.” 

My heart knows the truth of my being, which is abundantly connected to all that is and is supported in the most magical ways…

My Original  Blueprint tells me: I hear you, I see you, I feel you.  Yes! I have been waiting for you to recognize your inherent worth, beauty and conscious ability to create a joyful life, at the same time you invite others to do the same.  

Yes! To Life and the pleasure of being because my Original  Blueprint Invites me to see the sincerity of my own heart and Soul, to see the insanity of living like everyone else who is denying their  inner knowing.  Walking this path is the invitation for us all to be sincere, and to let go of all that which doesn't really feed the soul.  “The True Blue Within YOU!”

How are you communicating with yourself?  Do you hear the sincerity, or do you shut it out because it doesn't match the social conditioning?  A social conditioning, by the way, which is completely fear based.

Yes, of course you see this. It's plain as day if you look where I'm pointing.  The question is, “Are you going to keep denying it, or open to the truth and let life guide you to a more sincere way of being.   

This is the path my friend. You don't have to do it by yourself, as in with ‘personal will' or as who you think you are. It will require willingness to go deep and with the support of others. This is Soulprenuers Mastermind.  This is the space of exploration of form and Intention, where one lets fall away the illusions of self.  In a supportive and playful way, we are co-creating a new way of being in the world.

♥ Much Love ♥


Anstacia Townsend, Cranial Sacral Therapist

Isn’t it absolutely astonishing, our fight to hold onto beliefs that proclaim what we are, isn't enough, or lovable? Why do we deny our own worth, love & beauty?  If I investigate fully the source of any tension, worry, or fear, it will always point back to an idea believed in that what I am isn't enough.  

This idea leads to withholding love from who I am out of fear of being seen, being vulnerable and then ultimately being rejected. Through my own experience, what I've seen is that all the ‘shutting down' of my being, or the massive restriction of creative flow, has been related to simply not being honest with myself.  

This recognition can be quite difficult, because in attempting to be authentic through a conditioned idea of how I think I should be, my mind tries  to figure things out  based on assumptions of right or wrong, all  filtered through a lifetime of being convinced there are real things to fear. What I fear  is usually seen as something outside of myself.  In the grip of fear, I ignore the most simple things…

[read more >>>]

Then I end up choosing to deny my own sincerity in service to social constructs that insist my worth, value and beauty are based on the approval of others and society.  Acting through my imprints and conditioning  that deny a deeper truth, threatened, holding onto a sense of inauthentic identity?  This is self-imprisonment inside a self-made reality box.

On my path to purpose, what I have found to be most potent, is a deepening of sincerity in how I see myself as it relates to gently turning my attention to what is deeply felt within. Here, there is always an impulse, a felt sense through the blueprint, beyond the mind's attempt to hold onto mental constructs that are not originally me.  Letting that which I have identified with for so long break apart and fall away.   True, this can be TERRIFYING!

The doorway through the Blueprint is available in this Now moment. Present location, present age. My heart leads the way. [read more..]

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